Velvet High-Waisted Skirts

Normaler Preis $16.50

These skirts are perfect for pairing with our tights and knee highs and our solid leos, especially for those upcoming holiday photos!
Please be advised these are meant to be high-waisted. Reference the size chart below before ordering.
Please be advised these hold a 7-10 business day processing time.

NB-3M (5.5” skirt length, 7.5” total length)
3M-12M (6” skirt length, 8.5” total length)
12M-3T (8” skirt length, 10.5” total length)
4T-6Y (10” skirt length, 12.5” total length)
6Y-8Y (12” skirt length, 14.5” total length)
The total length includes ruffles, elastic waist, and skirt length (from top to bottom).

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